Terms of Use

The use of this website is subject to the terms set out below. Please read carefully the Terms of Use – Terms of Service before using the Website and Services of the “Lock and roll” store. Access to the Website and use of our Services requires knowledge and unconditional acceptance of the Terms listed below. These Terms (hereinafter referred to as the “short-term baggage storage contract”) describe your rights against “Lock and roll”, as well as your obligations as a “Lock and roll” customer.

Terms of Use – Terms of Service of the “Lock and roll” short-term luggage storage store


  1. Visitors and users of the “Lock and roll” website declare that they are aware of and accept all Terms of Use – Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Service” or “Terms”).
  2. Visitors and users of the website who do not accept these Terms of Service may not purchase or book the services offered.
  3. The Greek version of the Terms of Service has been translated into other languages. The translation is unofficial and therefore has no legal force. In case of doubt or discrepancy between the Greek text and a translated text into other languages, the Greek text shall prevail. The Greek text is available on our website through the “Greek Language” option.
  4. Definitions

1.1 “Website” in these Terms means the website “lockandroll.gr” in its current and any future form as well as any application of the website on mobile devices through which you can access the website or the services offered, through a platform or device (such as indicatively through a mobile website, a mobile application, another website that provides access to our website, etc.).

1.2 “Baggage” means items stored by the user in the “Lock and roll” (such as, but not limited to, suitcases, backpacks, bags, briefcases, keys, etc.).

1.3 “User” means the owner of the baggage to be stored in the Lockers within the “Lock and roll” store.

1.4 “Storage” means the contractual relationship with the temporary owner of the items, who undertakes to store the baggage and return it to its owner. Unless otherwise provided, for the services offered on the website the temporary holder means the short-term luggage storage store “Lock and roll”.

1.5 “Opening Hours” means the time during which the “Lock and roll” short-term luggage storage shop operates.

1.6 “Lockers” means lockers that “Lock and roll” offers to users within the store so that users can store their luggage in the short term. In our store there is an automated installation through which the user checks if the locker is available to store his luggage, pays the charge, receives his codes to open the locker and requests that his luggage be returned.

1.7 “Booking Request” means the electronic request sent by the user to the “Lock and roll” store following the steps mentioned on the website.

1.8 “Booking Receipt” means the e-mail sent by the “Lock and roll” store to the user’s e-mail address indicating that the store has received and is processing the request for locker reservation sent by the user.

1.9 “Booking Confirmation” means the e-mail sent by the “Lock and roll” store to the user’s e-mail address confirming the store’s acceptance of the locker reservation request and specifying the short-term luggage storage service provided. At the time of receipt of the “Booking Confirmation”, the short-term baggage storage contract is drawn up and the deadline for the user’s right of withdrawal begins (see paragraph 12).

1.10 The “Return Request” of the baggage is formulated by the user by entering his codes and selecting “End Rental”. The user is asked to pay a fee depending on the time used the locker through the automated installation inside the store where he placed his luggage. If the user does not owe the storage fee, the “Return Request” is completed by entering his codes and selecting “End Rental”.

  1. About “Lock and roll”

2.1 “Lock and roll” is the website owned by the “Lock and roll” store (see paragraph 3).

2.2 “Lock and roll” services include communication services from the “Lock and roll” store. The user accepts to receive them.

2.3 The user can book one or more lockers per day via the website (see paragraph 14.2). Reservation requests are accepted according to the availability of the “Lock and roll” and in order of priority upon receipt.

2.4 The charge for booking one or more lockers online for the whole day on the selected day is the charge by “Lock and roll” for booking a locker and storing luggage during its opening hours, in accordance with these terms and conditions (daily charge).

  1. Ownership of “Lock and roll”

The sole proprietorship “Lock and roll” belongs to Dona Ioanna, resident of Corfu at 6 Andrea Marmora Street with PC 49100

Contact number: +30 697 097 44 14

E-mail Address: info@lockandroll.gr

  1. Status of the user of the website

4.1 Legal capacity and age.

When the user browses the website as well as when he accepts services of the website, he guarantees:

That he/she has full legal capacity (Articles 34 and 127 of the Civil Code), and that he/she is over 18 years old

4.2 The user agrees and also accepts that:

4.2.1 You may access some areas of the Website without requesting a service.

4.2.2 In order to provide services, the User may be asked to enter some of his personal data, such as his e-mail address, in order to receive the booking receipt and booking confirmation. Therefore, the user is requested to give his explicit consent before processing his data (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR – “General Data Protection Regulation” EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016). The user declares that he is aware of and accepts our Privacy Policy and these terms.

4.3 The user is obliged to update his/her personal data as well as to declare true data.

4.4 User passwords for lockers are strictly personal. Therefore, the user is kindly requested not to disclose his passwords to third parties.

4.5 The user may not use the services of “Lock and roll” nor accept these terms if he does not meet the conditions according to Greek Law.

  1. Locker booking process through the website

5.1 Any reservation request made by the user through the website is a request to be provided with the services by “Lock and roll”, in accordance with the terms stated by the user in his request to “Lock and roll”. The reservation request is completed when the user completes each step according to the website and pays by credit card or debit card or prepaid card or PayPal.

5.2 The transmission of orders through the website (now or in the future) constitutes acceptance of these terms.

5.3.1 Bookings are subject to locker availability and acceptance by “Lock and roll”. The contract for the provision of short-term storage services is completed only when the user receives the booking confirmation email. The contract is governed by the terms stated in the booking confirmation email.

5.3.2 The User must indicate a valid email address and check their email regularly.

5.3.3 The images on the website are adapted to the visual settings and for this reason are indicative of the appearance and size of the products.

5.3.4 In the event that, although the User has received a booking confirmation email, the Baggage Storage Service is not available, for reasons that could not have been foreseen at the time of booking confirmation, “Lock and roll” will refund the User the amount of the charge for the storage hours already paid.

5.3.5 “Lock and roll” confirms the booking within twenty-four (24) hours from the moment it receives the User’s Booking Request. If twenty-four (24) hours have elapsed since the reservation request was submitted, the request shall be deemed rejected.

5.4 In order to complete the online locker booking process, the User must select the “Locker Booking” service after carefully checking that the information contained in the booking summary meets his/her wishes. “Lock and roll” reserves the right to change the reservation after confirmation, based on the availability of lockers.

5.5 The proof of reservation or processing does not constitute acceptance of the reservation request (acceptance of the reservation request is made only with the booking confirmation).

5.6 The booking confirmation is made by email from our website and is subject to payment of the locker booking service charge and taxes as stated in the summary of the booking request available prior to the payment step.

5.7 “Lock and roll” may have special offers during the year.

5.8 In case the user has booked the locker through the website, he/she can have unlimited access to the locker during his/her reservation.

5.9 When “Lock and roll” confirms the reservation of the locker requested by the user, the agreement between the parties on the availability of the locker for the selected day is completed in accordance with these terms (see paragraph 14.2).

5.10 In case of daily reservation through the website, the luggage stored is returned to the user by entering his codes at the store facility and selecting “End Rental”.

“Lock and roll” does not authenticate the user. It is based only on the personal codes received by the user.

5.11 If more lockers are requested to be rented by sending a single booking request and “Lock and roll” does not have the availability to accept the booking request in its entirety, the request will not be accepted and the User must submit a second request excluding unavailable lockers.

  1. Payment methods and charges

6.1 The payment methods available to users are described in the relevant section of the website.

6.2 “Lock and roll” uses third-party payment tools and does not know the details of payments – such as those related to a credit card – provided by the user. “Lock and roll” in principle does not have access to the full credit card number of the user nor to other personal data of the user, such as his name.

6.3 The luggage storage service provided through the website is paid for in advance by credit card or debit card or prepaid card or PayPal. The charge is the daily charge (see section 6.5).

6.4 In case the luggage storage service is provided through the store, at the time of booking the locker the fee for the first hour of storage must be paid.

6.5. When the user is to collect his/her baggage, before the baggage is returned, the charge due for each hour of the storage period beyond the first hour must be paid.

6.5 The charge for the first hour is two euros (3€) for the large locker, two euros (2€) for the middle locker and one euro (2€) for the small locker. The cost of charging increases gradually in the first eight (8) hours until the user collects his luggage from the locker according to our pricing policy. In any case, the maximum daily charge for twenty-four (24) hours is fifteen euros (15€) for the large locker, twelve (12€) for the medium cupboard and eight euros (8€) for the small locker.

6.6 In case of online reservation of the locker, the charge is the daily reservation (15€, 12€ or 8€) regardless of the storage hours actually used.

  1. Applicable law

These terms, as well as the provision of our services, are governed and interpreted in accordance with Greek Law. Any dispute that may arise from these terms and from our services shall be resolved exclusively by the competent Courts of Athens (Greece).

  1. The short-term luggage storage contract is completed at the store where the lockers are located

8.1 Any content not covered by these terms must comply with the provisions of Greek Law.

8.2 The short-term baggage storage contract is completed in the shop where the user pays for the first hour and stores his baggage.

8.3 The storage contract is concluded when the User confirms that the locker where he/she stored his/her baggage has been closed correctly. Baggage is stored only when the user places it inside the locker and closes it carefully.

8.4 The storage contract is charged. The charges (see Section 6.5 et seq.) and payment methods are listed in the lockers as well as on the website https://lockandroll.gr

8.5 Once the storage contract is completed (except in the case of online booking), the user can open the locker at any time within the booking time. In order to collect his luggage he must pay the hours he has used the storage service until the moment the locker is opened. Once the cabinet door closes again, the hours continue to count from where they left off.

8.6 “Lock and roll” reserves the right to withhold luggage stored in its lockers until it collects the appropriate charge (right of retention Articles 325 et seq. of the Civil Code).

8.8 “Lock and roll” is obliged to deliver the baggage at the same place where it was stored by the user, except in the case of paragraphs 8.15.1, 8.15.2 and 8.15.3. In case of doubt, the video recording of images from “Lock and roll” for reasons of protection of persons and property (articles 6-11 of Law 2472/1997) is used as evidence.

8.9 “Lock and roll” delivers the baggage as soon as possible from the moment the user requested its return, taking into account the time technically required for delivery.

8.10.1 The request for delivery of what has been stored is satisfied after the amount of the charge has been paid by the payment methods indicated on the website, using the facility located in the store where the baggage is stored.

8.10.2 “Lock and roll” reserves the right to accept, at its sole discretion, requests for baggage deliveries by alternative methods from the User after payment of the amount of the fee. In case the user requests a different delivery method, the additional charge for baggage delivery is borne by the user.

8.12 The storage responsibility ends the moment the locker is opened following the request to terminate the booking. If baggage is collected for any reason by shipment, the liability of “Lock and roll” ends when the baggage is handed over to the person responsible for its carriage at the time indicated in the “Lock and roll” by the user (Article 290 of the Civil Code).

8.13 The charge from the “Lock and roll” for the storage of luggage until the time of its transportation, is borne by the user and is the daily charge of the store where the storage took place.

8.14 The user acknowledges and accepts that storage cabinets are fully automated. Therefore, the user must check when completing the use of the locker by entering his codes and paying the fee, that he has not left any luggage or other item in the locker. “Lock and roll” is not responsible for user indifference.


8.15.1 In case someone forgets his/her luggage or ignores it, which is irrefutably presumed when 120 hours have elapsed since its storage (unless otherwise notified to “Lock and roll” through the appropriate ways mentioned on the website), “Lock and roll” is entitled to collect a charge for the locker used for a maximum of five (5) days by the storage time.

8.15.2 After the 5th day, for security reasons, if the User has not paid the charge due for the storage or delivery of the Baggage nor has indicated the place and manner of delivery or has not stated that he wishes to extend the storage period, “Lock and roll” is authorized to temporarily store the Baggage outside the Locker.


8.15.3 If the Baggage is not claimed by the User within the next ten (10) days, “Lock and roll” is authorized to destroy the Baggage. Destruction costs, additional charges and storage costs shall be borne by the person responsible for the destruction.


8.16 In the above case, if the user searches for his/her luggage, in addition to the charge due for storage, he/she is charged with the additional amount of twenty euros (20 €) for administrative costs and with the shipping costs of luggage at the address he will declare to us.

  1. Items that are forbidden to be stored in the lockers inside the “Lock and roll” store.


9.1 Items prohibited and/or dangerous according to the Law may not be stored.


9.2 Items that by their nature or by the nature of their packaging may harm another person, the environment and items found in the “Lock and roll” are not allowed.


9.3 Items that by their nature are not kept at the temperature and conditions of the locker where baggage is to be stored are not permitted. The user knows and accepts that the store does not have tools for measuring the above conditions.

9.4 It is not allowed to store indicatively the following: plants and / or animals (live or embalmed), title deeds and / or certificates from competent authorities, documents or objects containing or forming part of obscene content (Article 8 of the Penal Code, Art. 29 para. 1 of Law 5060/1931), weapons, explosives or other objects unsuitable for harming humans, animals and other objects (Law 2168/1993 as amended by Law 3169/2003 as well as Law 3944/2011), objects or materials containing high-value software or information, garbage, documents or objects with political or religious content such as notices, narcotic substances (Law 4139/2013),  works of art, bulky objects or potentially bulky objects (such as but not limited to compressed air tank), liquids, flammable materials (such as lighters, matches, etc.), objects whose size or weight exceeds the capacity of the cupboards (see paragraphs 17.1 and 17.2).

9.5 For security reasons, the User allows “Lock and roll” or third parties to inspect the Baggage (internal and external) and move it to more appropriate places, without changing the obligations and/or conditions of the service during the storage period.

9.6 In case of storage of any prohibited item in accordance with the above restrictions, “Lock and roll” reserves the right to take any appropriate measure and inform the competent Authorities.


  1. Obligations of “Lock and roll”


10.1 “Lock and roll” must protect checked baggage and return it to the user.


10.2 “Lock and roll” takes care of checked baggage. The user knows and accepts that the store and its supervision is automated and that this automation is the main reason for charging for the services offered by “Lock and roll”. The user is responsible for the manual closing of his door Closet.

10.3 For security and/or force majeure reasons, the store may treat baggage differently from the above. In this case, “Lock and roll” may inform the user in time without charge.


10.4 The store is obliged to deliver the baggage to the user as soon as requested (subject to the exceptions mentioned in paragraph 14.2) immediately after the user pays the charge in “Lock and roll”. In case of malfunction and/or non-operation of the automated system, “Lock and roll” is obliged to

repair the damage within a reasonable time, according to the cause and nature of the damage.


10.5 “Lock and roll”, through the posts published on the website, offers support to customers during the opening hours of its store. For urgent reasons, please contact us via e-mail info@lockandroll.gr or phone at 697 097 4414

10.6 “Lock and roll” videotapes its store with video recording for reasons of protection of persons and property (articles 6-11 of Law 2472/1997).

10.7 “Lock and roll” cannot be held responsible for errors in baggage collection due to poor handling by the user before properly closing the locker.


10.8 The User acknowledges that passwords are the means by which “Lock and roll” verifies his/her identity. “Lock and roll” completes its obligations by handing over the baggage to the person holding the codes.


  1. Obligations of the user


11.1 Baggage is stored and collected only during the operation of the store where the baggage is stored (24/7). The user must check in advance the opening hours for the entire period during which he intends to use the service storage.

11.2 The user must fully comply with these terms.


11.3 When placing his/her baggage, the User must verify that the status of all stored baggage is correct, and notify any irregularity using the ways available on the website and/or in the store. Video recordings and images from “Lock and roll” can be used as evidence (Law 2472/1997).

11.4 The user is responsible for any damage that may be caused to humans, animals or things due to non-compliance with the provisions of the Law and / or these terms.


11.5 Users are not entitled to reproduce, copy, sell or resell any part of “Lock and roll” and its services without the prior written consent of the owner (Law 2121/1993).

11.6 In case of doubt about the information mentioned on the website, before booking the locker, the user is kindly requested to contact “Lock and roll” via the contact methods available on the website and in the store.


11.7 The user releases “Lock and roll” from any responsibility for any improper use of his codes by third parties.


11.8 The User must confirm that the locker is closed correctly when storing baggage and when collecting it.


  1. Cancellation


12.1 In case of reservation in the store, the user cannot withdraw from the contract for any reason.


  1. Access to the website


13.1 “Lock and roll” seeks to have access to its website 24 hours a day. However, “Lock and roll” is not responsible in case the website, at any time or periodically, is unavailable.

13.2 Access to the website may be temporarily / permanently suspended / interrupted at any time without prior notice.


13.3 The user acknowledges and accepts that the transmission of information over the internet is not completely secure. “Lock and roll” takes all required legal information protection measures and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR). However, “Lock and roll” cannot guarantee the security of the data that are transferred to the website. Therefore, the transmission of information is carried out with the explicit consent and responsibility of the user.


13.4 “Lock and roll” has the right to add, modify and remove features or functions, or suspend or discontinue the provision of the service, both temporarily and permanently.

13.5 Users may stop using the Service at any time.


13.6 “Lock and roll” has the right to prohibit, at any time and without notice, access to “Lock and roll”, for all or some of the functions, to users who manifest irregular payment, non-payment, damage to persons, animals or things, attacks on computers or any other explicit or implicit activity that may directly or indirectly harm the owner, other users, persons, animals or things.


  1. Opening Hours


14.1 The services on the website are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, except in the case of damage.


14.2 Baggage is stored and collected from lockers inside the store 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


  1. Indemnification

The user undertakes not to cause damage to “Lock and roll” and its partners, directors, employees, agents, licensors or subsidiaries, out of liability or obligation, including legal fees, arising from damages caused to other users or third parties in violation of the

provisions of the Law or hereof, otherwise indemnify indemnification.


  1. Privacy Policy


16.1 For information on the processing of personal data, users are kindly requested to go to the “Privacy Policy” of “Lock and roll”.


16.2 For information on the use of cookies by our website, users are kindly requested to go to the “cookie policy” page.


  1. Locker information


17.1 The cabinets are large, medium and small in size. Each large cabinet is 61 centimeters high, 48 centimeters thick, each middle one is 46 centimeters high, 48 centimeters thick, and each small cabinet is 44 centimeters high, 35 centimeters thick.

17.2 Before booking, the User must verify the dimensions and weight of the Baggage he/she intends to store.


17.3 It is forbidden to squeeze objects inside the cabinet.


17.4 No refund or compensation is due to the user who made a booking in case his baggage does not meet the present dimensions.


17.5 The user who proceeded with the installation without first checking the dimensions and/or weight of his luggage and is unable to store if he does not use the locker, is charged with the first hour of storage.


17.6 The User must make good any damage, both to the “Lock and roll” and to third parties, for damages caused due to non-compliance with the capacity of the locker.


  1. License Agreement

18.1 It is not allowed to use the content of the website for commercial or other purposes without the prior written consent of “Lock and roll” (Law 2121/1993).

18.2 The website and any part thereof may not be reproduced or stored on any other website or posted on any public or private website or service without the prior written consent of “Lock and roll”.


18.3. Rights not expressly granted on this website are reserved.


18.4 In any case, users are prohibited from:


Copy, maintain, prepare derivative works or modify in any way any of the contents and/or services provided by “Lock and roll”;


Use any website search and/or retrieval application, or any other tool, process or automated means to access, retrieve, or index “Lock and roll” or its contents;


Rent or license Lock and roll

Defame, harm or threaten the rights of third parties (including but not limited to the right to personality, the right to privacy and the right to advertise);


Post illegal, obscene, defamatory or inappropriate content.


  1. Contact


19.1. All communication with “Lock and roll” must be made in the ways indicated on the website.


19.2. The user agrees that communication with “Lock and roll” is mainly done electronically.


19.3 Communication with the user is made via e-mail or announcements on the website. For contractual purposes, the user agrees to electronic communication and acknowledges that all notifications provided electronically by “Lock and roll” meet the legal requirements. This term does not affect the legal rights of visitors to the website.


19.4 The user must provide a valid and active e-mail address at the time of booking.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

20.1 All “Lock and roll” marks, trademarks, trade names, service marks, word marks, images and logos appearing in “Lock and roll” are and remain the exclusive property of “Lock and roll” and are protected by Law 2121/1993.

20.2 The services of “Lock and roll”, including any software used in them, include proprietary and confidential information, protected by Law 2121/1993 on intellectual property, by Law 2239/1994 on industrial property and by related provisions. Content that

included in advertising material or information provided to the user through the services of “Lock and roll” may be protected by copyright, trademarks, service marks, patents or other intellectual and industrial property provisions.


Except as permitted by law or authorized by “Lock and roll” or its licensor, the user is prohibited from using, distributing, reproducing, adapting, publishing, translating, creating derivative works, renting, publicly performing the services or software of “Lock and roll” and the user content.

20.3 “Lock and roll” grants the User a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use the software code on a computer. In any case, the user is prohibited from allowing third parties to copy, adapt, create derivative works, or otherwise attempt to discover the code, sell, grant or otherwise transfer any right relating to the software. This clause does not apply in cases specifically permitted by law.


20.4 The User may not access the services of “Lock and roll” by other means except if specifically authorized in writing by “Lock and roll”.


  1. Limitations of liability

21.1 “Lock and roll” guarantees the proper maintenance of baggage only until the time of delivery to the place where it is requested to be delivered or to the person responsible for sending it as indicated by the user.


21.2 All responsibility for the condition of baggage after delivery is excluded.


21.3 “Lock and roll” may modify the materials or services or charges listed on the website and/or store, at any time and without notice, and may communicate changes to users in the same way as it provides this information.


21.4 “Lock and roll” is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the information, software and services it provides and/or published on website. It expressly reserves the right to correct any errors on its website.

21.5 “Lock and roll” does not warrant that its website, servers or any e-mail it sends are free of viruses or other malware.


21.6 “Lock and roll” bears no responsibility in case of strike, force majeure and/or other causes outside its control. Under no circumstances shall it be liable for any damage related to access, exposure or use of the website or to the delay or inability to access or use the website.


21.7 If, despite the above limitations, “Lock and roll” is found liable for damage arising out of or related to any of the events described above, then its liability does not exceed in total, the greater amount than the charge for the services paid by the user.

  1. Changes to these terms


22.1 “Lock and roll” has the right to modify these terms at any time by notifying users through its posts on the website and / or its announcements in the store.

22.2 Contracts concluded before the entry into force of the new terms are fully governed by the previous terms, which remain available on the website.

22.3 In any case, users are kindly requested to print a copy of the terms of the website for possible future use.


22.4 The Greek version of the terms of the website (present and as amended in the future) is the only one that contractually binds the parties.


22.5 The user who continues to use the “Lock and roll” after the publication of the changes accepts the new terms without reservation.


  1. Termination of the contract

23.1 “Lock and roll” reserves the right to transfer, license or assign all or some of the rights and/or obligations under these terms, provided that the rights of the user as described in these terms are not affected.


23.2 The User may not assign or transfer his rights and obligations under these terms in any way without the prior written permission of “Lock and roll”.


  1. Invalidity of a term


In the event that any of these terms becomes invalid, the user must continue to comply with all other terms. In this in any case, we will replace this term with a valid and binding term that will have the same effect as the one repealed. The user agrees to comply with the content and purposes hereof